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Welcome to Joshua Christian Academy
As a founder of Joshua Christian Faith Center established in 1992, we are joined in ministry with our daughters Lisa Harris & Shayla Pinkney. The primary purpose of this Ministry is to teach the Word of God and to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ in a clear and precise manner that others will understand and thereby adopt the Word into their everyday way of life. This church will, in its teaching, operate within Biblical Principles by instructing all the people in the Word, so that they will learn how to rise from hopelessness (a state of being without hope) and inconsistent lifestyles to using clear defined concepts of faith and enjoy all the promises God had for us through Jesus Christ. We believe that God has called us to minister to thousands of people that will come in His kingdom.

Experience More of Joshua Christian Academy

Here from the Director and Founders of Joshua Christian Academy and learn how we started and where we are going.

Joshua Christian Academy offers a wide varieties of activities and events to keep your child engaged and learning. This video was produced to display a sample of those activities and events.